Flexible support tools



Our transaction management system has everything you need


Search transactions for checking, confirming and supporting your customer. Searching the transaction according date, order ID,...

Transaction report

Download transaction data according to user defined time and date ranges. Classification and transaction statistics.


Support daily reconciliation. Provide refund function directly.

Set up your operation

We support you in assigning the system function for each department such as: accounting, sales, customer service, business analysis,...

Safe development

Our team has extensive experience in securely processing global transactions by using the in-house developed Fraud Detection Management system.

Our professional service meets current requirements and adapts to market changes. Online transactions are always secure by our risk management process is one of One PAY outstanding advantage.

Fraud detection

Providing secure transactions


Automatically scan & provide daily risk warning of suspicious transactions


Automatically assess risk levels for each order


Our staff have long-term experiences in risk management