Dynamic add-on solution



Get started with impressive features


We encrypt card information and generate card tokens for secure payment

Support multi-platform

Available on website, smart TV and mobile applications

Improve user experience

Link payment card with customer account

In-App payment

All information will fit perfectly on one screen

We pay attention to the smallest details of the user experiences.
In Vietnam, more than 60% of customers use mobile devices to shop.
Mobile user experience is of utmost importance.

We apply

Simple and identified interface

Reduce redundant actions

Fill the card information conveniently

Recurring payment

Monthly, quarterly, and annual recurring payments

We provide a recurring payment solution for enterprise​


Charge by pre-installed orders annually


Ensure card authentication

Easy management​

Confirms and generates reports of payments easily​

Promotion solution​

Increase your sales volume

In Vietnam, there are more than 93 million domestic cards and 16 million international cards in circulation.​

Market expansion​

Reaching millions of cardholders​

Setup program​

Indentify cards match for differing programs​

Generate attraction

Increase sales volume with attractive promotions