payment solution

Providing popular and convenient payment
solutions for users and business

Easy to expand

Expand your business with a secure payment method. We apply various security standard such as 3D-Secure, TLS, etc …

Easy to launch

Support various website platforms and mobile applications. Depending on business model, we will consult the easiest way to deploy.

Optimize operations

Saving time with smart management system and automated settlement system.

Online payment gateway

Support for online payment channels by domestic and international cards


We provide an intuitive and responsive interface on both desktop and mobile browsers


 Support for Android and iOS applications. In-App payment interface

Payment link

Create the payment link and send to your customers via email

Support multiple payment methods

OnePAY provide diversified options of payment methods to enhance our customers convenience and experience.

Discover more below:

  • QR Payment
  • Billing
  • Installment Payment
  • PayOut

QR Payment

Payment by scanning QR code

Multiple channels to increase sales volume



Pay later with just a billing code
Connect payment data across multiple channels:
ATM machine

Choose payment methods at ATM machines

Bank counter

Payment by cash or bank account at bank counter

Internet banking

and make payments via internet banking

Mobile banking

Easily making payments through mobile banking applications

Installment Payment

Drive revenue with installment payments

Effective payment method for driving revenue 

Multi-period, bank

We support most banks with flexible payment periods

Simple procedure

We confirm payments instantly without the need for complicated paperwork

Boost revenue

We assist in increasing orders and optimizing payment options


Transferring cash has never been so simple

Money is transferred 24/7 to all banks with one click

Apply flexible fees to all banks

Using our PayOut solution, we will save your time and avoid mistakes typically caused by manual options

Managing your e-commerce business effectively & securely


Manage transaction effeciently. Delegate functions for your staff.

Fraud detection

Automatically scan and manage suspicious transactions. Provides daily risk warnings of such transactions.