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Leading companies in Vietnam select us for their E-payment solutions

Why OnePAY

Established in 2006, OnePAY was the first online payment gateway in Vietnam.

We continue our role as a leading company that provides a solid digital payment platform suitable for various business requirements.


Providing diverse payment methods for your customers

Optimal connection

Bringing optimized connections for merchant systems

Sales volume

Reducing management costs, maximizing business operation

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We provide custom payment solutions to meet the specific requirements

Our Story

Our story began by providing an effective online payment platform to connect among merchants, customers and banks

Continuously improving our solutions to meet merchant’s requirements and enhance your customer experiences

Our milestones


Established the first e-commerce gateway in Vietnam


Connected with 5 International Card Associations


Obtained Intermediary Payment Service license from SBV


Accepted payment by mobile banking apps, e-wallet

Making online payment easy

We provide the management system for merchants to optimize the e-commerce operation


Multiple options for interface, payment methods and flow


Optimizing the network, helping merchant manage e-commerce operations efficiently