About OnePAY JSC

We are passionate in what we do

OnePAY is a Leading Payment Processing Company in Vietnam since 2006, providing payment gateway, payment processing and merchant services:

  • Electronic Payment Processing & Services
  • Merchant Payment Solutions & Services
  • Pre-paid Card Solutions & Services

OnePAY provides businesses, utility companies, banks a secure and integrated solution package with outsourcing services for electronic payments over various channels such as: the internet, mobile and traditional self – service networks (ATM and EFTPOS).

We aim to be the leading technology company in Vietnam by providing our solutions and services to assist businesses and utility companies becoming e-Businesses, thereby extending their payment options for wider sales opportunities and being cost efficient in a cash economy such as Vietnam. No matter what type of business you are in, retail, travel, entertainment, government agencies or online services, OnePAY is there to accommodate your needs of payment solutions.

Operation mission

OnePAY is responsible for enabling the consumers to pay for transactions on the Internet by linking providers, banks and consumers. Since OnePAY was applied, Vietnam e-commerce is not only aimed at introducing goods and services on the Internet but also completing online payment.

OnePAY is born to provide online payment services towards diversified online payment solutions. Services of OnePAY are professional and meet strict technological requirements of the world payment industry to ensure optimal interest of the customers. With its experience and advantage, OnePAY undertakes to stand side by side with its customers to get joint success in e-commerce.

Principle of operation

  • The business success of the customer is the principle for activities of OnePAY. The customer's demand for payment technology instructs OnePAY in service research and development activities.
  • Professional services in accordance with the present requirements taking future demand into consideration, assured safety by efficient management of risks in payment are advantage of OnePAY.
  • Flexible and diversified in solutions to minimize operating costs for the customer.
  • All activities are under international standards to help enterprises easy to access global business.

Strategic vision

As a pioneer, OnePAY will always take the lead in Vietnam in online payment with international confidentiality standards and high safety.

About OnePAY