Welcome to OnePAY's Service Support

For Enterprises

  • You need to provide the Business license and bank account number.
  • In addition, depending on your business type, OnePAY may require additional relevant licenses and documents.
  • Fees include registration fees, monthly fees, and transaction fees.
  • Please contact the OnePAY sales department for more information.
  • OnePAY platform is available on many popular platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify,…
    Depending on the website language, OnePAY will provide suitable technical information for integration.
  • For details, please contact us at biz@onepay.vn.
  • OnePAY processes online transactions securely on the internet. Card information is protected during transactions using the TLS protocol. The TLS protocol encrypts card information during the transaction.
  • In addition, OnePAY also uses many other software and algorithms to ensure data security.
  • OnePAY uses both manual and automatic transaction scan tools to manage transaction risks effectively.
  • Merchants must present bills or invoices to prove their goods or services provided.
    To avoid risks, the merchant’s Terms & Conditions for supply goods must clear on the website.
  • OnePAY will advise merchants on the risk managing process and disputing procedure.

For Cardholders

  • There are many causes of transaction failure, such as cards without online payment function or the decline of issuing banks…
  • Please contact OnePAY customer service or the issuing bank for detailed support.
  • For domestic bank cards, Cardholders must register online payment services with the issuing bank before performing transactions.
  • Please contact the Bank for the most detailed support for the service.
  • After completing the payment steps as instructed, if you do not receive payment results after 1 minute, please contact the website or the application you just paid or OnePAY’s customer service department for detailed support.
  • Depending on the card type, the refund usually takes from 5 to 10 days.
  • Please contact OnePAY customer service or the issuing bank for detailed support.
  • OnePAY compliance with regulations set by State Bank of Vietnam and International Card Organizations on the security of card information. Card information is secured throughout the transaction process using the TLS protocol. TLS protocol encrypts the card information during transactions.
  • Also, OnePAY uses many different software and solutions to ensure data security.